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HEY NACURH!...[HEY WHAT?]...It wouldn’t be a national conference without SPIRIT and we can’t wait to feel (and hear) the energy that your delegation will bring to NMSU! There will be many ways to show spirit before and during conference and we want to recognize the most spirited institutions in multiple categories! The various spirit awards that will be distributed at the Closing Ceremony of conference are listed below. Scroll down to find out how your institution can win a Spirit Award or even, the ever coveted NACURH Spirit Stick!


We will be measuring and tracking Spirit through SPIRIT POINTS. Spirit points can be acquired through social media engagement before the conference, attending Educational Sessions during the conference, and showing your institutional and regional pride through Spirit Days, Roll Call, and of course the CHANTS!


Scroll down for Spirit Point categories that will be tracked through conference weekend


The 2024 NACURH Spirit Committee is so excited to showcase some examples of banners, roll calls, and chants so be sure to stay tuned, follow NACURH on Instagram, and check back on the website for updates!


Domestic_goose - right faced_edited.png


  • Banner can be sent digitally through the provided google forms. Through 2550x3300 Pixel 72 dpi. File size limit per submission is 100 Megabytes or less. (Recommended programs is photoshop however a free alternative is Krita which has a similar set of specs and can be run on most basic PCs/Laptops)

  • Banner must include your institution name.

  • Banner must have a connection to the conference theme “Leadership of the ages.”


  • Deadline: 5/21/24, 11:59 pm HST


  • Choreograph a 3-5 minute-long dance/movements for your region.

  • Dance is to take place within the stands (best advice for your dance to be simpler movements)

  • A song needs to be played in the background (pg-13). Clean version of songs only.

  • Each region representative will email the song name and singer (link to the song spotify/youtube advised) and region name is to be emailed to for approval .

  •  Roll call to be sent out by the one RBD representatives of each region.

  •  Roll call is due at 5/21/24  (11: 59 PM HST)


  • Day 1: Decade Day (May 24th) your delegation members can dress in outfits referencing different decade.

  • Day 2: Regional Pride Day (May 25th) your institution can wear outfits that represent either your overall institutions or acquired merchandise that represent other institutions.

  • Day 3: NACURH Origin (May 26th) Institutions will take a major emphasis in the 50s/NACURH overall. (NACURH merch)

Goochase will officially open at May 23, 2024 at 4:00 AM HST with the first set activities (General) being released. 


Day 1: Decade Day goosechase activities will release May 24, 2024 at 4:00 AM HST

Day 2: Regional Day goosechase activities will release May 25, 2024 at 4:00 AM HST

Day 3: NACURH Day goosechase activities will release May 26, 2024 at 4:00 AM HST

All goosechase activities will officially close by May 26, 2024 at 1:00 PM HST


Overall Spirit Point Winner

  • These will be determined by the full additions of spirit points through social media and Goosechase (all 3 days). Timelines: Pre conference- close to the end of conference


Most Spirit points Prior to conference

  • Winners will determine by those who complete (general) goose chase challenges (which will be set up 2 days prior to conference) and social media challenges done prior to conference through Instagram hashtag #nacurhspirit2024


Most Goosechase Points

  • School who wins the 1st place goose chase points general, Day 1, Day 2, Day 3. Points vary by tasks.


Most Educational sessions submitted

  • For every educational session your institution submits you gain 10 spirit points. Institution that submits most educational sessions wins the award.  


Institutional Banner Winners

  • 1st Place Winner: 20 points

  • 2nd Place Winner: 10 points


Regional Roll Call Winners

  • ​1st Place Winner: 10 Points per institution (depending on winning region)

  • 2nd Place Winner: 5 Points per institution(depending on winning region)

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