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United Way Day of Action

The United Way Day of Action occurs annually around June 21st and provides opportunities for people to engage in a multitude of service projects within their community. Past projects have included trash cleanups, creating care packages, and delivering meals. For more information about this Annual Day of Action visit the United Way website here


Please complete this form if you would for the Annual Conference to connect you with a United Way Day of Action opportunity near you. 


Smithsonian Transcription

The Smithsonian Transcription Center is a free publicly accessible webpage that hosts digitized collections from the Smithsonian. Their Digital Volunteers projects allows people to contribute to the digitization and transcription of these materials into their online database. To get started with this project visit their webpage here


Hours can be logged and submitted to our spirit point tracker here. This tracker will ask you to attest to the number of hours you completed and for you to share a couple of sentences about your experience with the project. 

Philanthropy Pins

We have partnered with Indigenous Garden Network, an organization dedicated to "provide accessibility to land and “first foods” for tribal communities. First foods are plant and animal species that Native Americans traditionally relied upon for subsistence, medicine and ceremonial uses. "

For more information:

We have sold out of the philanthropy pins for the conference, however, if you'd still like to support IGN, you can directly donate to them here: Select Other, and not IGN

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