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Educational Sessions

What are Educational Sessions?

The Educational Sessions at the NACURH 2024 Annual Conference are a series of presentations made by you and your fellow delegates to exchange skills and knowledge. This is an organized time and space that will allow you to share your relevant skills, knowledge of leadership, and interests with other delegates. We look forward to hearing about how your skills and knowledge have helped you become successful at your institution, but we also hope that you take advantage of the other sessions to see what they have to share as well! 

To enter a submission for the Educational Sessions, please use the link provided below. When submitting your application for the educational sessions, please provide a solid written outline. A complete presentation is not required at this time. Applications will open Wednesday, April 17th and will close Friday, May 3rd at 11:59pm. There is a hard deadline on Friday, May 10th.  



Please use the template below to create your presentation. Be sure to include the QR code slide that is attached at the end of the slideshow for your final presentation.


If you have any questions regarding educational sessions, contact our Educational Sessions Chair, Anabella Morales, at

Educational Tracks

Delegates can attend any educational sessions that they are interested in learning more about. Experiencing the presentations of your fellow delegates can help you adopt new skills and learn several new ways of approaching different situations. To better organize the Educational Sessions, we have designed a few tracks to help you explore your Leadership through the A.G.E.S.  

A – Advocacy  

G – Gratitude (Recognition) 

E- Engagement (programming/ member retention)  

S - Service 


These tracks are purposefully broad so that delegates can interpret them as they see fit. We want to welcome any new skills, knowledge, and information that you want to share with us.  If you need a bit more information or examples to ensure that your session relates to the tracks: 


  • Advocacy covers anything that relates to advocating, standing up for, creating change for the better for your residents and the residential/ on campus living community, etc.  

  • Gratitude includes recognition, so anything that relates to showing gratitude to staff, for example or recognizing an individual, group, action, program, etc.

  • Engagement track can include information on basically anything that engages the community programming, member retention, etc.   

  • Service, this track can include any philanthropic services, the services that work best for you, how you’ve served the community, etc.  

Please join us in expanding and exchanging our knowledge through the A.G.E.S! 

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