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The cost of housing is included with the cost of registration.

Delegates will be placed with their institution and region in rooms near each other. Gender-inclusive housing is available this should be indicated in the individual registration form.

If you have any questions regarding housing, please contact our Housing Chair, Mikki Pasaporte, at

To ensure that delegates have the best experience at the NACURH 2023 Annual Conference, our packing list included the most import items to bring.

Housing Cost & Placement

Packing List

Francis Hall

Francis Hall will be used to house all  advisors. Francis Hall offers a modern touch to living on campus that includes: Jack & Jill style bathrooms, community kitchens, and  gathering spaces. Check out what Francis has to offer:

Simpson Living-Learning Center

The Simpson Living-Learning Center is one of the two residence halls that delegates will be housed and is connected to Simpson Dining Hall. Simpson offers a suite-style layout with a shared bathroom between two rooms. Check out what Simpson has to offer:

Regis Hall

Regis Hall will serve as the Conference Team Headquarters. This will be the location for registration and the housing for the conference team, volunteers, NACURH Executives, and special guests. Check out what Regis Hall has to offer:

San Francisco Hall

San Francisco Hall will be the second housing option for delegates. This LEED-certified residence hall offers semi-private bathrooms. Check what San Francisco Hall has to offer:

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