The University of Dayton is a housing powerhouse, with over 90% of its students choosing to live in on-campus housing for all four years of their undergrad. Featuring a wide array of housing options for different experiences ranging from traditional double rooms to six-person apartments, delegates will get to experience first-hand what it's like to live as a Flyer.

First -Class 


The NACURH 2020 team is excited to share our home with NACURH. Just as we live together in community, we're preparing to provide this same feeling as we co-locate our guests by region. Scroll down to learn more about the spaces in which you'll be staying!



Style: 4-person apartment

Virginia W. Kettering

Style: 4-person suites



Style: 4-person apartment



Style: 6-person apartment



Style: 2-person suites, 2-person traditional



Style: 2-person traditional

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all locations accessible?

Yes! All residential facilities are ADA compliant, and accessible. Additionally, no locations using lofted beds will be used during the conference. Please be sure to indicate all needs during the registration process!

Will gender-inclusive housing be offered during the conference?

Gender-inclusive housing will be available in all locations. Housing will be gendered by room, with mixed gendered floors. Those wishing to stay in gendered rooms, on same-gendered floors will need to opt-in to gendered housing during the registration process.

Will I be staying with my delegation?

All effort will be made to place delegates with those from their school in the same room. All schools will be located within the same building, on the same floor, as possible. Please keep in mind that empty beds are unlikely, and you may be paired with a student from another institution— but your room will still be next to other members of your delegation.

Where is my region staying?

Regions will be placed when registration closes! All effort will be made to co-locate all institutions from the same region within the same building.

There’s air conditioning, right?

Yes, in all locations. All spaces allow you some degree of freedom in controlling your individual room temperature.

When can my delegation arrive?

Institutions will be able to check-in starting at 8:00AM on Friday, May 22nd. All institutions participating within pre-conference in an official capacity will receive separate communication. For those needing to arrive on Thursday, May 21st early arrival housing is available at a cost of $45/night per person.

Are advisor singles available?

Yes! Advisor singles are available to those requesting them through the registration process. Singles are available for an add-on fee of $30/night.