Keynote with

James Robilotta

About the Keynote

As far as how I got here, my parents will tell you that I captured the

attention of my first audience at a very early age and never turned back. 

They will also tell you that I cost them way too much money, but that is

beside the point. I started facilitating leadership presentations and

speeches in 2002 for my peers at the University of North Carolina

Wilmington (UNCW), Clemson University, and regional conferences.

In 2009 after I presented a workshop, someone came up to me and asked

me how much I charged for my speaking services. I told them they could buy me lunch and then my paid speaking career was off to the races! Becoming a Professional Speaker has allowed me to do the two things I love most: making people think and making people laugh.

I help audiences pause and think about the way they lead, the way they connect, and the way they can impact their world.  I create moments that empower teams and individuals to realize they are the only thing standing in the way between the results they want and the results they're currently seeing.  I am an award-winning, recognized professional speaker with a background in stand-up and improv comedy.  I deliver powerful and hysterical keynotes and workshops that will transform lives. 

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