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Hi everyone,

This page is for diversity, equity, and inclusion as well as ADA and accommodations. We are striving to make sure everything is accessible and inclusive to all students, so if any questions or concerns come up, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Our email:

NMSU has a map that shows things such as gender inclusive restrooms, ramps, nursing parent rooms, etc. Please check it out!

We will be using Powerpoint automatic captions for the general conference meets (opening, closing, etc.), promote the use of it in Ed Sessions. and recommend the downloading of Google Live Transcribe.

If there are any complications regarding accessibility, please report it on this incident form and we will act on it. Thank you!

Please check out the identity packet to learn about different resources for inclusivity.

Use the following packet to learn about the Touch/Space Comfort Star System:

Learn more about pronouns at!

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