Waiting for the Subway

Schedule & Mass Gatherings

Tentative Schedule

Here is the link for the current tentative schedule. We will continue to update this document. When we are closer to the conference we will utilize Guidebook for all of the scheduling needs. Guidebook ensures that the schedule updates to your timezone. 

Mass Gatherings

Opening Ceremonies

At the Opening Ceremonies, we will introduce the conference theme, hear from our amazing keynote speakers, outline some sessions that will take place during the weekend, and give instructions for how to win spirit points! We will also launch our Zoom background competition.

Roll Call Ceremonies

At Roll Call Ceremonies, we will stream the Regional Roll Call videos through our campus YouTube Live.

Awards Ceremonies and Closing Ceremonies

At Closing Ceremonies, we will have a fun recap of the conference! We will show the top banner and train car submissions. We will also award our “conference superlatives” to delegates, institutions, and regions. Additionally, we will recognize the NACURH winning awards for the year!

Guest Speakers

We will be having two Guest Speakers at our conference! One of our speakers is an SOU Alumni who you might recognize from her acting career that brought her to TV shows such as The Suite Life of Zach and Cody as well as Supernatural, Kim Rhodes! We also have one of the top youth speakers who helps students maximize their leadership abilities to create positive change, Juan Bendaña!