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Case Studies

Thank you for your interest in the Case Study competition. NACURH case studies are based on critical thinking to find solutions to leadership challenges and ethical-based scenarios.  


Through challenging and engaging prompts, we look forward to seeing the solutions created by you! 


The case study competition allows delegates or advisors to present the best solution to a problem utilizing common scenarios that are encountered by campus leaders, like yourselves! 


Case Study Teams: 2-4 Delegates or 1-2 Advisors 

Teams can be made up of delegates or advisors but not both.  


Your case study topics will be emailed to you on May 13th. Each case study team will have from May 13th to May 25th at 9:00 am MST to submit their case study response. This will either be a written response no longer than 3 pages or a video no longer than 5 minutes long.  


Submissions will be scored based on the central idea, organization and clarity, creativity, and overall submission.  


Register: Use the Google Form attached to register to submit a Case Study. 

NOTE: Please complete the registration form by May 10th, 2024.  



Please don't hesitate to contact us.

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