For the Annual Conference, we will be having a variety of opportunities to earn spirit points. Our spirit points come in the form of megabytes for small challenges through our website and social media accounts, and gigabytes for large challenges such as your delegation banner. 

Megabyte challenges can be completed through the website or by tagging us on social media. Be sure to include the following hashtags when tagging us: #NACURH2021 #LoggingInToLeadership

More information about gigabyte challenges will be released soon!

NOTE: With the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, the following guidelines are in place for all spirit submissions.

  • Pictures taken before March 2020 should have the year indicated some how. For example, placing a sticker in the corner reading "From 2019"

  • New pictures must adhere to the following guidelines:

    • No more the 5 people in one frame​

    • Masks must be worn by everyone in the picture regardless of location and spacing

    • If only one person is in the photo, they may be pictured without a mask

Not on social media?

Check our recent posts and earn megabytes!



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