Educational Sessions

No conference would complete without a robust and empowering educational experience. Our Educational Session (ES) team is dedicated to constructing and implementing an innovative approach to education during NACURH 2020, offering a heightened return on investment to our delegates and a wealth of ideas for your to bring back to your campus communities.

Applications are live!

Interested in presenting an Educational Session at NACURH 2020? Applications are now live! Applying is easy-- simply fill out the form bellow, and our team will review your application. Feel free to check out our Q+A below, and reach out if you have any questions!


In this track, sessions will be focusing on finding the leader within yourself. Delegates will learn
about personal leadership and how leadership styles can vary person to person


This track will focus on the experiences, relationships, challenges, storytelling, service, dialogue,
and spaces for leadership and accountability that contribute to growth


This track looks to the future and seeking growth. Delegates learn innovative ways to create a
cohesive and sequenced experience at their home institution


Working within a team can be difficult.This track will focus on collaborating with others while staying true to yourself. Delegates will learn the importance of teamwork
and build skills around working with others


Creating cohesion and fluidity helps to create growth and learning. Through this track, delegates
will make connections between content learned and experiences they have engaged in. Dele
gates should see that there are partners everywhere, working to partner in their success


Advancing an organization is critical, yet difficult. This track will help to provide delegates will be
offered a set of tools to help build on success at their home institution




Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to submit an application?

Anyone from a NACURH-affiliated school. If you believe you are going to attend NACURH 2020, submit an application.

What if I'm not sure if I'm going to attend?

Still go ahead and submit! If your application is chosen, but you do not attend, your spot will be given to an application that was waitlisted.

Why should I present?

Presenting at any conference is a huge accomplishment, and can do a lot to help build your personal and professional skills. Plus, you get a stage to present and share your ideas with your peers from across the country-- and globe!

What classroom spaces are available? What technology?

Classrooms with capacities from 25-50 will be available during normal educational session blocks. Each classroom is fully equiped with A/V and projectors-- though you are encouraged to bring your own laptop.

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