COVID-19 + NACURH 2020

What are the next steps?

Our student team, like many of you, are no longer on campus and are taking online classes from home. Our team is working to evaluate the feasibility of an online Annual Conference experience, and will work with NACURH leadership to release a poll/survey in the coming weeks to gauge interest.

How was this decision made?

This decision was made in conjunction with NACURH Executive Leadership, University of Dayton housing officials, and the Annual Conference Staff.

What can I do to limit my exposure?

We recommend following all CDC guidelines, including washing your hands and observing social distancing. Please be sure to consider your self care during these tense times, and recognize impact. Please visit to learn more.

I still have questions!

We’re happy to do what we can to answer any questions that you may have. Please utilize the Contact Us page to submit your questions, but please keep in mind that we may be responding to a high-volume of submissions. We ask for your patience during this tough time.

What was the song in the video?

Listen. We’ve been wanting to use this song since we first heard it in season two of HBO’s Westworld. The song is titled Runaway, and is a cover of Kanye West’s original track by the same name, arranged by Ramin Djawadi. For those interested and for those with access to HBO, Westworld is a great watch. 10/10.

Snaps   to   Staff



This is of course a very tough time for our conference staff, for 40 students and professional staff members who have spent two years crafting this experience. I simply cannot find the words to express the gratitude I have for all of their hard work, and I was hoping you might be able to help me! We all know that words of recognition and encouragement can be powerful tools, and I wanted to offer a space for those who may be interested to send messages that can be shared with our staff. Please feel free to submit any quotes or words of encouragement below, and I will share them with  our team!



Joseph Myers

Conference Chair

Image Release

Certain portions of the NACURH 2020 Digital Experience will be photographed/recorded for marketing purposes. By participating in the NACURH 2020 Digital Experience you hereby grant and authorize the NACURH Annual Conference Team the right to record, take, copy, exhibit, publish, distribute and make use of any and all footage captured to be used in and/or for any lawful purpose.

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