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Dining Cost

The cost of dining is included with the cost of registration. 


Dining accommodations can be indicated in the individual registration form. Please understand we will do our best to accommodate needs. 

North Dining 

North Dining is located on the North side of campus. It is close to the North Neighborhood and is the primary dining hall for those residence halls. It is also the newest dining hall opening its doors to students in the fall of 2020. This dining hall offers a bevy of culinary experiences aimed to exceed the nutritional needs and culinary expectations of our diverse community. The dining hall contains a unique top-8 allergen-free eatery as well as other options including Italian, Barbecue, All-day breakfast, Boar’s Head sandwiches, Bakery, a Grill, Starbucks, and more!


North Dining, will be utilized for all dining needs for NACURH 2023. North

Dining is located in the same residential neighborhood where delegates are staying. It is also within walking distance of the other residence halls and meeting locations. Allergies and dietary restrictions will be able to be identified as part of registration. For those who do have allergies and dietary restrictions, Ball State has a chef and dietician that will be utilized to provide each meal for those individuals needing it.


Please direct questions to the NACURH 2023 dining chair. 

Lauren Ivankovich

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