Category Descriptions

The following categories will be used for the Annual Conference. Categories are used to help conference attendees easily identify sessions that address topics they are interested in learning more about. It's okay if your session idea doesn't fall perfectly into a category!​ 

.com - This category is dedicated to transferable skills to make the most of leadership experience. Sessions could be about things like time management, self-care, or resume writing. 

.eco - This is our sustainability category. Whether your session is aimed at providing information about best practices or an example of a environmentally focused program for students, if your session is aimed at promoting sustainability, this is the place for you!

.edu - Sessions in the category are focused on community. Topics could include ideas about how to create a strong community at the beginning of the year, a program idea for students, or a session that falls into multiple of our other categories!

.org - Have a session related specifically to your student organization? Submit to this category. Sessions address student organization in general are welcome. For those who want to present on topics more tied to a Residential Leadership Organization (RHA, RLA, IRHC, etc.) or NRHH, we have have additional categories!

.org/RLO - These sessions could include topics such as your RLO structure, collaborating with other orgs, or campus visibility.

.org/NRHH - All things service, recognition, and membership  fall into our NRHH category. We encourage all our diamonds to take a look at this one!

.world - This is our category for all sessions that fall into the area of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Sessions in this category can be focused on raising awareness on a topic, providing a positive example of DEI programming, or even a model for student advocacy.

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